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Create Calibration dialog





This dialogs presents several options for creating a calibration.

You can access this dialog directly from the TPC Desktop, Tools | Calibration | Create Calibration...  Some calibration dialogs also include a Create Calibration button which opens this dialog.

Select one of these options

Select point pair manually from the current drawing

Select point series manually from the current drawing

Select uncalibrated point sequence from the CAD View, then select their calibrated positions in the current drawing

Select a traverse of uncalibrate points with calibrated points as Side Shots or In point description delineated by

Select an uncalibrated traverse with a calibrated traverse with the same sequence of point

Enter a scale factor an base point


Computes the calibration.  If successful, TPC displays the Calibration Properties dialog, where you can edit the calibration information, then prompts you to save the calibration.

If you have any calibration dialogs open, TPC will update their calibration list to show the new calibration created.


Returns you to the previous view without making any changes.

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