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Drawing View - Mouse settings





Use this dialog to customize the way the mouse cursor interacts with drawing objects.

Object Under Cursor

These settings control what happens when you position the cursor over a drawing object.

Tool Tips

TPC displays a Tool Tip with information about the object. Each object creates its own Tool Tip information. The Tool Tip for a spiral segment will display the incoming and outgoing radii along with the spiral length while a block reference will display the path and filename for the referenced block file.

Once a Tool Tip is displayed for an object it remains open until you move the cursor off of the object.

4-Sided Arrow

This option displays the cursor used in previous versions of TPC Desktop. The cursor changes to a 4-sided arrow and information about the object is displayed on TPC's status bar beneath the Drawing View.

Redraw in Accent Color

This option redraws the object in the accent color. This is the only option that indicates the extents of the object. This is an advantage if you are looking at contour lines or text.

This is our recommended option and works well with Tool Tips.

Select Pictures by Border Only

Turn this option On to select a picture by positioning the cursor over its border. Turn it Off (default) to select a picture by placing the cursor anywhere over the picture.

Mouse Wheel

Zoom – Rolling the mouse wheel forces Drawing View to zoom in or zoom out. Roll the wheel up to zoom in. Roll the wheel down to zoom out. Use the left mouse button to pan the drawing once you are zoomed in.

Scroll – Rolling the mouse wheel forces Drawing View to scroll up or down if you are currently zoomed in.

Left Double Click

This option determines what happens when you double click the left mouse button over an object.

Select - selects of unselects the object. You can then select any number of commands that operate on the selected objects (i.e. alignment objects).

Properties - displays the Properties dialog for the object. This is the same as right clicking the object and choosing Properties.

Traverse/Surface Settings - displays the Traverse or Surface Settings dialog for survey objects only.

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