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Profile Miscellaneous dialog





These settings affect how TPC draws the profiles in Drawing View.

Draw Vertical Curves

Draw any vertical curves as part of the profile. TPC labels the BC, EC and vertical PI for each vertical curve it encounters.

Distance Units

Adds distance units like FT/M/CH to line distances.

You may what to use ‘ instead of Ft or chs instead of CH. You can change the distance units by choosing Tools | Program Settings | Units.


You can set the drawing scale to whatever you choose. The vertical scale is determined by multiplying the scale by the vertical scale ratio.

Vertical Ratio

The Vertical Ratio is used to exaggerate the elevation change along a profile. Entering 10 in the Vertical Ratio will draw the elevation change at a 10 to 1 ratio compared to the horizontal distance. Entering 1 in the Vertical Ratio will draw the elevation change at a 1 to 1 ratio compared to the horizontal distance (the elevation change will not be exaggerated).

This is a real number, so decimal places are allowed.

Vertical Space

Set the Vertical Space to a value that will separate multiple profiles vertically for display on a single drawing. When the Vertical Space value is other than zero, TPC labels each cross section with its own elevation and the Drawing View no longer tracks the elevation for you.

Label Offset

Enter the line label offset (space between the text and line) in inches/mm.

Distance Factor

Use this to convert the line annotations from one unit to another (i.e., to display chains if coordinates are in feet, enter 66.0). The points will still be drawn in their original positions, but the distance annotations will change. This factor does not affect any other distance in the program.

Over-ride Traverse Profile Settings

Control all the profile settings from here. Choose Edit Settings to select the options to use.


You will return to the Drawing View and your new settings will be in use when you click OK.


Returns you to the Drawing View without applying any changes.


Apply the settings to the current drawing.

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