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Slope Ranges

You can select from up to si\s slope ranges. TPC reports the slope and plan areas for each slope range.


Enter the maximum slope for each of the five slope ranges as an integer percent (i.e. 20 = 20%). You will typically include the smaller slope values first.

For the last value, you specify the previous value + 1. This is because TPC reports this range as > value, meaning everything else, greater than the value in this range. So it's not actually a range, but a minimum.

Shading / Hatching

Select a fill for each slope range. You can select hatching, shading, bitmaps or solids. No shading or hatching is actually generated unless you turn on the Include slope shading in drawing option.


Select a color for each slope range.

Drawing Options

These options determine how the slope ranges are represented in the current drawing.

Include slope shading in drawing

Turn this option on to include the selected shading / hatching in the current drawing. TPC creates a layer named 'TPCContourSlope' and places the shaded polygons on this layer. Once the shading is created, you can choose to display this layer or hide it. You can also turn the shading off to remove it from the drawing since the shading is recomputed each time the surface is recomputed.

You can also change the layer TPC puts the slope shading objects on. See Surface Layers.

Include slopes in legend

Turn this option on to include the slope analysis shading and color in the drawing's legend. TPC will insert a legend item for each slope range represented in the contour surface.


Choose this button to compute the slope areas using the current slope range values. The computed slope and plan areas are displayed in the Computed Areas field.

Computed Areas

TPC displays the slope areas in this field when the dialog is opened and each time you select Compute. The area labels such as Acres or SqFt can be modified by selecting Tools, Program Settings, Units from any view.

SqFt (SqMeters)

Turn this option on to include areas as survey units squares. This will be either square feet or square meters.

Acres (Hectares)

Turn this option on to include areas in area units like Acres or Hectares.


Select this button to include the contour slope analysis in the current report. TPC adds a new section to the current report, listing the same information displayed in this dialog.

Surfaces\Surface Volume\Surface Volumes dialog

Locked Surfaces

You may get warnings that your surface is locked, and your data is reverted to what it was originally.

Click here for more info about surface locking and how to change it.

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