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Transform Coordinates Dialog





This dialog transforms the survey coordinates From one CRS (From box) to another CRS (To box).


You can transform the entire survey or just part of it.

Transforming the Entire Survey

If you select and transform the Entire Survey, once the transformation is complete, the CRS in the To box become the current survey CRS.


When you select Entire Survey for the What, TPC lets you also transform the survey's drawings.

When selected, the drawing objects within each drawing that are not tied to transformed survey data, are transformed individually. 

If left unchecked, the survey objects like lines, line labels and point symbols will move to the new, transformed, position, but the other drawing objects will not.

From - CRS, Zone, Browse, Grid Factor, Ellipse, Feet to Meters

This is the current survey Coordinate Reference System (CRS). When transforming the entire survey, you will not change these values. In fact, doing so will cause the transformation to compute erroneous coordinates.

TPC allows you to change these settings so that you can change selected imported traverses from whatever CRS they are on to the current CRS of the survey.

To - CRS, Zone, Browse, Grid Factor, Ellipse, Feet to Meters

Choose the desired CRS to transform the survey to. Once the transformation is complete, the CRS settings in the To box are stored with the survey as its current CRS.


The Browse button in both From and To allows you to select a .crs or .prj file from any location on your computer.

For example, if you received a .prj file to use as the CRS for a project, you can Browse to it in the To section and convert all or part of your survey to that CRS.

Transforming Imported Traverses or Points to the Survey CRS

At times, you might also import data based on one CRS and want to convert it to the CRS of the survey. TPC lets you specify the grid settings for those traverses and convert them to the same CRS as the survey. The steps are explained in the Coordinate Transformation topic.

Change the Survey CRS Only

To change the survey CRS without changing the coordinates, choose Tools | Survey Information, Coordinate Reference System.

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