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Creating Surface From Selected Objects Command





(Drawing View)

You can create a surface from selected topo points. This allows you to model one part or area of the project. For example, if your project includes both a borrow pit and a graded or filled area, you can topo them both in the field, then back in the office you can create one surface for the borrow pit to compute earthwork quantities and another surface of the graded area to produce a cut sheet.

Select the points you want to include in a surface (see Selecting Objects), then right click any of the selected points and choose Surface Tools | Create Surface from Selected Points.

TPC displays the Surface Settings dialogs for the new surface.

Change the settings you want and choose OK. TPC draws the new surface for you.

TPC did several things automatically for you

1.TPC created a new traverse and put the selected points in it. This new traverse is the source traverse for the new surface. Only the points in this traverse will be used in this surface.

2.TPC created a new surface and added it to the survey. It also tagged the new surface for this drawing so that the drawing will include it.

3.TPC indicates in the description for the new surface that it was created from selected points.

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