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Create Surface From Traverse command





Use this command to create a surface using just the topo points in a traverse. You might create a surface from a traverse to compare phases of an excavation project. You can topo the project as many times as you want, just create a separate traverse for each topo (i.e. Topo – Phase1, Topo – Phase2, Topo - Phase3). Now you can have separate contours for each phase, showing the progress of the project.

When TPC creates a surface from a traverse, it uses only the topo points in the selected traverse. Your survey may include other topo points that lie within the border of this contour, but if they are not in the source traverse, they are not included.

In the Drawing View, right click any point symbol or point label drawn by the traverse you want to topo and choose Surface Tools | Create Surface From Traverse

TPC displays the Surface dialog, showing the ‘Topo Points in Traverse’ as the Source and the traverse name as the surface name.

If you have an existing traverse that defines the contour border, you can select it from the Traverse list. If not, leave the border set to None.

Select the drawing settings you want and choose OK.

See Creating Surfaces for more information

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