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TPC can check your spelling in any reports and drawings you create.

TPC compares your spelling of each word with a spelling dictionary containing more than 90,000 correctly spelled words. If your word does not match any of the correctly spelled words in the dictionary, TPC highlights your word and suggests possible correct spellings. You can then correct the word, add it to the dictionary so that it is treated as a correctly spelled word or ignore it. These options and others are explained in the Spell Check dialog help topic.

Spell Checking Drawings

TPC provides a rich set of tools to help you check the spelling in your drawings. You can check individual objects or selected objects, individual layers or the entire drawing. You can spell check your legend and title block. In fact, you can spell check any group or block in the drawing. These tools make spell checking your drawings fun and easy. See Spell Checking a Drawing.

Spell Checking Reports

TPC provides a Report View you can use to publish information about your survey. TPC can create all or part of the report for you, but you can also enter your own text, copy text from another Windows application and paste it into the report and so on. Now you can also spell check part or all of the report. See Spell Checking a Report.

Main Dictionary

TPC's main dictionary contains more than 90,000 words. In addition to words commonly used in the English language, it also contains hundreds of survey specific words like cross-section, trilateration and resection.

The main dictionary is in the TpcDictionary.dic file located in the program folder. It can not be edited, and program updates and patches are free to replace it as more words are added.

User Dictionary

The spell checker allows you to add words to the dictionary as you correct spelling.

For example, if you frequently site a local lake names 'Tsiltcoos' lake, TPC will identify the word 'Tsiltcoos' as a misspelled word. Adding it to the dictionary will let TPC know that this is in fact the correct spelling of the lake. The next time 'Tsiltcoos' is encountered, TPC will know that it is spelled correctly.

The words you add to the dictionary are actually added to the user dictionary. This dictionary resides in a file called UserDictionary.txt in the program folder. Future updates and patches of TPC will not overwrite this file, so any words you add to it can be reused in future program releases.

Editing the User Dictionary

The user dictionary is an ASCII text file and can be edited by choosing Tools | Program Settings, Spelling, Edit User Dictionary. This opens the text file in the default word processor. The words are all lower-case, with one word per line. They are not in any sorted order.

You are free to add, remove or change any of the words in this file.

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