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Getting Started





So you've installed TPC, run it and are looking at a blank TPC Desktop.  Now What?

That's what the following topics are about.  We've helped thousands, just like you, learn how to get started.

What is Traverse PC?

TPC is built around geospatial data and workflows.  You won't find our Traverses, Views or Quick View™ technology anywhere else.

We want to help you understand what TPC and why we say it's not CAD.

See What is Traverse PC?

Learning TPC

We've helped thousands of our users learn TPC.  We have tools for visual learners, hands-on learners and research learners.

Most people learn TPC in a couple of evenings or a weekend.  Some take a little longer.

See Learning TPC.

Getting Help

You can help yourself to all the FREE resources we provide, get help from others or get help from us.

We also provide paid technical support through our TPC Connection so you can get one-on-one training.

See Getting Help.

The Getting Started Video

Getting Started with TPC Desktop (46:32) - sit back and watch as we walk you through getting started with TPC.




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