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Emlid (CSV)





Beginning with TPC Desktop 2023 R1 (July 2023), you can import and export data as emlid CSV files with a header row and comma delimited values.  See Using GPS/GNSS.

Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360

emlid provides free apps that run on your Android or iOS device for field work and run in any browser for office work.

To use these apps, you create a free emlid account and access all your emlid survey data and projects through those apps.

Emlid Flow handles all the fieldwork: data collection, coding, linework, and staking; while keeping your data in sync with Emlid Flow 360. Access your projects from the browser, manage code lists, and coordinate systems.

Forget about manually transferring files from controllers—Emlid Flow works offline and synchronizes data to Emlid Flow 360 as soon as your phone is back online.


See Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360.

CSV Format

The first line in a GPS/GNSS CSV file identifies each column of data.  These are GPS/GNSS Data values.

You can specify the sequence in the header line or let TPC parse it using the column names.  See Using File Headers.

TPC can import and export emlid CSV files.  See Importing emlid CSV and Exporting emlid CSV.

Emlid Point Codes

Emlid data can use point codes the same way TPC does.  Point codes simplify data collection in the field and can be used to help turn your data into a drawing.  See Emlid Point Codes.

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