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Bad Elf (CSV)





Beginning with TPC Desktop 2023 R1 (July 2023), you can import and export Bad Elf CSV files with a header row and comma delimited values.  See Using GPS/GNSS.

CSV Format

The first line in a GPS/GNSS CSV file identifies each column of data.  These are GPS/GNSS Data values.

You can specify the sequence in the header line or let TPC parse it using the column names.  See Using File Headers.

 For more information on the Bad Elf format, see Bad Elf CSV Specifications.

Importing Bad Elf CSV Data

When you import Bad Elf CSV data, TPC creates a survey point for each imported GNSS point and assigns the GNSS data to it.  TPC then computes the associated coordinate for that point. See Importing GNSS CSV.

Exporting Bad Elf CSV Data

When you export Bad Elf CSV data, TPC exports the geodetic position along with the coordinates if you choose.  The format of the CSV must match the format used by your Bad Elf GNSS equipment. See Exporting GNSS CSV.

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