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Editing File Headers





Some file formats, like CSV, use file headers to define the data in the file.  Beginning with TPC 2023 R1 (July 2023), TPC provides additional support for these file headers, including editing the header name (key).

Some headers allow you to edit them right inside TPC, replacing TPC's default header name with your own.  The GNSS (CSV) filter is a good example of this. 

In the example shown here, we have replaced the header key Attribute (default) with Code. to match the header used by some new GNSS equipment that doesn't yet have it's own filter in TPC.


Saving Your Changes

There are a couple of ways you save your changes to the header keys.

Sticky Program Settings

As you change headers for a file filter, like the GNSS (CSV) shown above, TPC stores the change in the registry so it will be available the next time you run TPC.  If you are using just one GNSS (CSV) device and can match the header here, that's all you need to do.

Save / Recall Named Settings

If you will be using more than one GNSS receiver and need to modify their headers, use the Save and Recall buttons in this dialog and give each one a unique name.  When you recall each settings with the Recall button, TPC will update the header keys to match those you saved.

Managing Header Definitions

You can also save your header definitions to a file you can reuse anytime or share with someone else in your organization.   See Managing Header Definitions.

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