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A number of trends are converging to open some great, new opportunities to use TPC with GPS/GNSS, like the TPC-Rover bundle shown here (see TPC GNSS Bundles for other solutions).

What's Changed?

A solution like this wouldn't have been possible even a few years ago, but a lot has changed.

GNSS - L1(Course/Acquisition) 1575.42 MHz, L2 1227.60 MHz  and lots of satellites, L5?

better cell phone coverage in the field

better NTRIP networks and free Casters

better GPS/GNSS equipment & prices

better / free mobile/desktop apps

better / free use of the web/cloud for data


Example TPC / RTK NTRIP Rover Bundle

If you are already a TPC users, $2,499 can get you this solution

*TPC 2023 R1 / laptop

*cell phone / hotspot

*range pole and bi-pod


emlid Reach RS2+ $2,499 (RS3 with tilt compensation $2,799)

emlid Flow - free mobile android app

emlid Flow 360 - free web app

* already owned/subscribed


Solution Details

Here's a closer look at this example TPC / RTK NTRIP solution.

TPC 2023 R1 / Laptop

TPC Desktop 2023 R1 includes simplified workflows for importing and exporting GPS/GNSS CSV files, along with tools to better calibrate existing surveys with GPS/GNSS.

Running TPC on a laptop allows you to calibrate existing surveys to GPS/GNSS positions on the field, after which you can do additional corner searches and stakeout.  Or, you can have someone in the office do the calibration and export points back to the cloud for use in the field. See Calibrating GPS/GNSS Data.

Cell phone / hotspot

This RTK NTRIP solution requires a WiFi connection to the ORGN NTRIP network via a hotspot.  In this solution, the hotspot is provided by the cell phone pictured.  But a hotspot can be provided by any capable device.

Emlid flow, running on the phone, uses the WiFi connection go get the RTK corrections from the NTRIP network.


Range pole and bi-pod

These were previously used, and still are used, for total station backsight setups.

The only modification made was to add a magnetic mount for the cell phone, which can be used on the range pole or just lifted off the magnetic mount and used separately.  You can also purchase a pole clip for use with any tablet.  


The emlid Flow mobile app on the cell phone has you log into your NTRIP account to get the RTK corrections.

Emlid Flow can get RTK corrections from

an NTRIP network

another emlid Reach RS2/RS2+ set up as a base station on a known point

an emlid caster (permanent base station) that broadcasts NTRIP corrections

emlid Reach RS2+ $2,499

The emlid Reach RS2+ is a multi-band GNSS receiver at a competitive price, which also includes the LoRa antenna for communication with a base station.

When RTK is available, it can be configured

as a rover on an RTK NTRIP network

as a rover on an emlid RTK Castor network

as a rover paired to another emlid Reach RS2+ base station

When RTK is not available, it can be used to log data for PPK solutions.

emlid Flow - free mobile android app

Emlid Flow is a free mobile app that runs on any Android / iOS phone or tablet.

It provides basic data collection and stakeout, data sync in the cloud and RTK corrections and shows point locations on top of a street map like the one use in Google Maps.

It also provides all the user controls for any emlid receiver you are using.

It can be upgraded to emlid +Survey to provide additional functionality.

emlid Flow 360 - free web app

Emlid Flow 360 is a free web based app to manage your emlid survey projects and sync data with the emlid Flow mobile app.

emlid WiFi / Bluetooth

The emlid Reach RS2/RS2+ can be set to run it's own WiFi.  This allows emlid Flow, running on your phone/tablet to communicate with the receiver when a hotspot is not available.

TPC is working on ways to share data with emlid Flow, in the field, without a hotspot, using these services.  This provides more options for working remotely with an RTK base / rover.


TPC / RTK, NTRIP Solution (29:18) - we add an emlid Reach RS2+ to TPC and see how far we can go with this solution.

Base / Rover Bundles

Of course, you can use TPC with emlid receivers set up as a base and rover when cell phone coverage is not available.

See Emlid RTK via Base & Rover and  TPC GNSS Bundles

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