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Walk Through a GNSS Survey





The objective for Walk Through a GNSS Survey is simple – walk through the steps to do a survey with TPC and a GNSS RTK receiver.

each step has a short video – some are a little longer

we used an emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS receiver - see Emlid (CSV).

see how TPC does common tasks like recalling points

We selected a simple GNSS survey where we find and mark the property corners and set a few points on line so the owner can build a dog fence.  We chose this example because it’s simple to understand, letting us focus instead, on some of TPC’s key concepts.


Introduction (1:51)

Find existing property corners and set points on line so owner can build a dog fence.

Est $500 to $700 depending on corner search time

1: Research (3:20)

Address – Google Maps

Visual – Google Earth via address

Tax lot map – verify location

Surveys – get all lot dimensions

2: Record Data / Corners (12:11)

Enter block into TPC to get record locations for all lot corners

Create one traverse

Use Space Bar to repeat direction

Edit Traverse View as needed until it closes – look for mistakes

3: Corner Search / Ties (8:46)

Talk to neighbors – start at lot 20 pin

Tie them as I find them

North side pins – several disturbed

East side pin – neighbor showed me where it was

South side pins – GNSS issues

4: Survey Calibration (7:25)

Default – use only fixed

Evaluate – RMS float vs fixed

Calibrate and check via stakeout report

5: Survey Decision (4:07)

Use found monuments not record corners

6: Export Lines via DXF (5:06)

Emlid flow needs lines to stakeout points online, but doesn’t have a tool to create the lines

So we export the lines as a DXF from TPC to emlid

7: Set Points on Line (3:15)

Show points set via emlid Flow

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