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Walk Through a Mortgage Survey





Walk through a simple mortgage survey with total station angles and distances.

each step has a short video – some are a little longer

see how TPC does common tasks like adding a legend to a drawing

a great place to start learning Traverse PC

We selected a mortgage survey where you are asked to locate an existing house on an existing lot and verify that it is where the buyer and seller think it is.  If you don’t do Mortgage Surveys, that’s OK.  You’ll still walk through steps you will use for just about any survey you do.

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Introduction (1:09)

take a minute to watch this video

we’ll show you where we are going

1: Starting a New Survey (4:27)

start a new survey

create a job folder where you can keep track of all the files related to this job

enter a Job ID and have it show up in the title block automatically

2: Using the TPC Desktop (6:09)

learn the bare bones basics about how to get around in the Traverse PC Desktop


3: Entering Record Data (10:46)

enter a deed for this parcel

learn how to enter bearings and distances in a Traverse

4: Checking Closure (8:43)

learn how to create a unique closing point and check the closure

pick up any mistakes you may have made entering the deed calls

5: Entering Total Station Field Data (9:08)

you’ll get the nitty gritty on how to enter angles, distances, instrument and target heights


If you typically import data from your data collector you can skip this step.  TPC can easily import geodetic positions or coordinates for any Coordinate Reference System.

6: Taping a House (7:28)

sometimes surveyors get out a 100′ tape and take around a foundation

it’s a quick way to get the footprint of a structure

TPC makes this super simple with deflection angles

 Or you can talk around the foundation with your GPS/GNSS and use our Point Codes to draw the foundation.

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