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Walk Through a Simple Drawing





The objective for Walk Through a Simple Drawing is simple – walk through the steps to produce a finished survey drawing and send if off for billing.

each step has a short video – some are a little longer

see how TPC does common tasks like adding a legend to a drawing

We create the deliverables for Walk Through a Total Station Survey where you are asked to locate an existing house on an existing lot and verify that it is where the buyer and seller think it is.

1: Drawing As You Go With a Working Drawing (1:03)

once you get good with TPC, you realize you are creating your drawing as you import or enter data

we like to call this a working drawing

2: Starting a New Drawing (2:59)

once you got your data where you want it, you can switch to full-on drawing mode

we show you how to start a new drawing and set it up the way you want

3: Scaling and Positioning Your New Drawing (1:47)

with TPC, you zoom extents, scale and position a drawing as often as you need

and there’s no penalty or time list

4: Exploring Drawing Variables (0:43)

TPC gathers data from your survey and uses it to populate drawing variables

create drawings faster and with fewer typos

5: Modifying Symbols, Lines and Labels (1:19)

our Quick View™ technology creates all the drawing objects for you

then you can simply modify any of them to get just what you want

6: Adding Automatic Lot Setbacks (1:49)

Smart Drawing Objects™, like lot setbacks, make drawing fun

tell TPC to add lot setbacks, then watch them redraw automatically as you change the setback properties

7: Adding Offsets To a Lot Line (1:11)

you’ll use this tool a lot

we call it a Dynamic Offset because it updates automatically if the offset changes

8: Adding a Legend (0:49)

skip all the tedium of drawing legends

TPC draws them for you – automatically

9: Adding Automatic Leaders (4:39)

skip the tedium of add leaders to line and point labels

TPC draws them for you – automatically

10: Drawing Manual Leaders (3:17)

when you need them, TPC has all the CAD tools, like drawing leaders

take a few more minutes and get just what you want in your drawing

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