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Walk Through a Topo Survey





We like to say that in TPC - Surfaces are Wickedly Simple.  In this walk through, we'll show you why.

each step has a short video – some are a little longer

see how TPC creates a surface for a Site - Topo survey


1: Topo Project Introduction (6:12)

this is a Site, Topo survey for an architect

we’ll show you what we delivered to him, including the surface

2: Source, Border and TIN (5:50)

We use a traverse as the source

Turn topo designation on/off for individual points

TPC creates a default border that you can override

TIN – model the surface with minimal points


3: Adding Breaklines (1:40)

Breaklines help you better model the actual surface

Import traverses to define breaklines

You can also edit breaklines manually


4: Slope Analysis (1:56)

You specify the slope ranges and fills

TPC computes the total area for each slope range and shades them in the drawing

You can print a summary of the slope analysis plus add ranges to the legend


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