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Walk Through a Grading & Drainage Survey





In this walk through, we design a finished grade, then compute the sub-grade along with take-off volumes, cuts and fills.

TPC isn’t a design program, but we can often do everything we need with it

TPC's surfaces make this a breeze


1: Generate Transects (profiles) From a Surface (2:53)

We draw an East-West line where we want a transect and TPC creates it for us.

We do the same for a North-South transect.

We could easily create more, but this is all we need for this project


2: Create a Finished Grade (3:00)

Working with our 1.87% grade East-West and 1.3% grade North-South, let’s estimate the elevations we need on the West side of the project

We create those elevations in TPC then use them to create a finished grade surface


3: Moving Existing Points to the Final Grade (1:50)

We had already created a traverse for the new pavement area so we could put the project out to bid

Now we want to move that new pavement to our final design grade


4: Creating the Sub-grade Surface (1:03)

Just duplicate the finished grade traverse and drop it down 6” for rock and 3” for pavement


5: Creating the Sub-grade Surface (1:03)

Compute take-off volumes between existing ground and finished sub-grade


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