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Sharing Emlid Data Without a Hot Spot





If you have cell phone coverage in the field, consider creating a hot spot to sync your emlid data.  See Syncing Emlid Data via a Hot Spot.

This topic covers how to use TPC and emlid in the field without a hot spot.

Emlid Flow

Emlid flow, running on your Android or iOS device can also import and export points.  As a result, you can share data with TPC in the field, via emlid CSV import and export.

Emlid Flow 360

The data you share in the field will not be available to Emlid Flow 360 until you reconnect to WiFi via a hot spot or back in the office, at which time they will automatically synchronize their data.


You will need to use an Android app that works with emlid flow.  Here are two examples.

Nearby Share

The the Android app, Nearby Share, provides an easy way for Emlid and flow and TPC to share data in the field.  See Using Andoid Nearby Share.

File Manager Plus

Emlid Flow can import/export files to File Manager Plus app. See File Manager Plus.


You can use the USB cable and the iTunes app on your PC if your iOS device supports iTunes (many newer versions don't).

You can also use a thumb drive with a Lightning to USB adapter like this one Lightning to USB Adapter.

In both instances, you will export from Emlid Flow to Save to Files as shown here.



On this device, we created an Emlid folder to store the data exchanged with emlid flow. 

You could now use iTunes to transfer it to your PC where it will be available for TPC to use.

Note: You may find that iTunes is no longer supported on your iOS and Windows devices, so it may not work for transferring csv files.  If that is the case, you can use a USB thumb drive instead.


USB Thumb Drive

If you are using a USB thumb drive, look for the drive in Locations, like the Lexar shown here.

The file will be saved to the Lexar USB drive which can then be used to import the file into your PC for TPC to use.

Note: Be sure to format the USB thumb drive so it can be read by both iOS and Windows (i.e NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT).

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