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Updating a Survey Point's GNSS Average





You can check and update the GNSS average of a single survey point.

Select the point in the Points Manager, a Traverse View or a drawing and choose Survey Point Properties.

In the Point tab, choose the [GNSS Average] button.  If a survey point doesn't have any GNSS observations, this button will be deactivated.

The coordinates of the computed GNSS average position is displayed in the top row, along with the computed RMS and PDOP values and total number of observations used in the computed average. If the survey point has previously been updated to the computed GNSS average, the coordinates displayed here will match the current coordinates for the point.

TPC lists all the GNSS observations for this point that are available in the survey, even observations that have been previously rejected.

In the example shown here for point kG761, the second observation has been rejected.  Notice that the Avg coordinates displayed match the current coordinates of the point shown in the Points tab above.  This means this GNSS average was previously computed and used to update the position of this point.


Accepting and Rejecting Observations

From this dialog, you can accept or reject any of the GNSS observations for this point and recompute it's average GNSS position based on the selected observations.

The computed GNSS average geodetic position becomes the geodetic position of that point and TPC computes the corresponding coordinates based on the survey's CRS.

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