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Categories are used to group different items into logical categories. The three current item types that can be categorized are Point Symbols, Line Types, and Import/Export filters. Categories are the solution to large lists of items in drop down menus.

Displaying Categories

There are currently two ways of displaying categories.

1. Click the gear icon next to the drop down menu you are selecting from (point symbols or line types) and check the box related to the item you are choosing. For example, the screenshot below demonstrates how to turn on Point Symbol categories after clicking the gear icon inside the Point Properties dialog.















2. You can also turn on/off categories from Program Settings | Drawing View. This is pictured below in the Show categories when selecting box.


NOTE: Categories in the Import/Export dialog are always on and cannot be turned off.

Moving Items in and out of Categories

To move categorized items into different categories, make categorized items uncategorized, or other actions, refer to the syntax file associated with the item your are wanting to edit.

For editing the Point Symbol categories refer to this topic.

For editing the Line Type categories refer to this topic.

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