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Selecting Multiple Traverse Points





This topic discusses how you can create a traverse in the Drawing View and select existing survey points from the drawing to add to the traverse.

This method allows you to quickly and visually create traverses from existing survey points but doesn't give you control over the sequence of the points in the traverse.

Available starting with TPC 2024.

Ideal Uses

If you have imported point data, like ASCII, that creates a survey point for each imported point, you can use this command to select subset of points you want to work with, adding just those points to a traverse.  This can be useful for lidar data.

Running the Command

From the Drawings Manager, open the drawing you want to add the traverse to or create a new drawing with Tools | Insert New Drawing | select an option.

1.Enter the traverse name if you did not select it. If you did select a text object for the traverse name, you can precede it with text like Lot or Block 1, Lot. The next time you create a traverse with this command, TPC will insert this text into the traverse name. Also, if you select the Multiple Lots option, TPC will automatically increment the traverse name is in Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, etc.

2.Select the Format for the new traverse. Unlike the options that involve bearings and distances, this method does not rely on the traverses edit sequence for data selection. TPC remembers the format you select and uses it automatically the next time you run this command.

3.For the Method, choose - 5) Select multiple existing survey points.  TPC sequences them based on their point labels.

4.Choose the Traverse Drawing Settings to draw the traverse as you enter the data. You might want to use a contrasting color with point labels. We recommend you set the Distance and Direction options to None to reduce the amount of text on the drawing. This will make it easier to select starting points for subsequent traverses.

5.If you plan on entering more than one lot, turn on the Repeat the command option.

6.Choose OK.

Select the survey points you want to include.  See Selecting Drawing Objects.

When you are finished selecting survey points, TPC will add all selected survey points to the specified traverse.


Traverse Point Sequence

TPC places the selected survey points into the traverse based on their point label sequence.  However, TPC has tools for you to rearrange the points as needed.

See Sorting Points in a Traverse.

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