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Walk Through Deliverables





The objective for Walk Through Deliverables is simple – produce common deliverables and send them off for billing.

each step has a short video – some are a little longer

see how TPC does common tasks like adding a legend to a drawing

1: Create a Deliverables File Folder (2:02)

Best practice is to create \Deliverables [date]\ folders for each job

Snap shot of deliverables so they can be resent as needed


2: What We Sent to the Architect (5:00)

ASCII Points

PDF of Drawing

DWG of Drawing


3: Deliver ASCII Points (9:18)

Coordinates and/or Geodetic Positions

Point Descriptions and/or Attributes

Grid to Ground on Export


4: Deliver Drawing PDFs (10:22)

Print PDF of any drawing

Traverse PC PDF Driver

Print Sizes

Custom PDF Size

Plotting a PDF to scale


5: Deliver CAD Files (9:17)

Export to DWG

Open in CAD View to review before sending

Export DGN

Exporting Traverses to Layers

Exporting Surfaces

Export CAD Options


6: Deliver Civil3D - LandXML Files (7:12)

Export to Civil3D clients

Exporting traverses are Parcels or Alignments

Exporting Surfaces


7: Deliver a Parcel (Traverse) Report (9:14)

select the parcels (traverses) to include in the report

create your own reports (ad lib) with the Report View

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