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Untagging Traverses in Tables





When you added labels to a table manually or edit an existing table item, you would like TPC to remember those table items when you untag the traverses that created them, or you would have to re-do them if and when you re-tag that traverse.

So what happens if you then untag a traverse that has labels in the table? 

Beginning with TPC 2024

Beginning with TPC Desktop 2024, TPC is able to retain table items when traverses are untagged.  This applies to both manually added table items and any table item that has been edited.

When you manually add a table item or edit an existing table item, then untag the traverse that created that table item, TPC just hides that table item in the table.  In fact, if you show hidden objects, you will see the hidden items in the tables. See Show Hidden Objects command.

If and when you re-tag that traverse, those table items get un-hidden and appear again in the table.

If you duplicate a drawing that has hidden table items, those items are also in that table in the duplicate drawing, and will reappear if and when you tag their traverses.

If you save a survey and reopen it, all the hidden table items are still there, ready to be reused.

Prior to TPC 2024

Prior to TPC 2024, these table items were removed from the table when the traverse was untagged.  If you were to then tag that traverse again, TPC did not automatically place the labels back in the table and recreate the original sequence.  That original sequence was lost when the traverse was untagged.

Because of this, if you untagged a traverse that had labels manually added to a table, TPC would warn you, asking if you really wanted to untag the traverse and lose the manual label sequence you created.

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