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Walk Through Research





Survey research is all about figuring out where to hang your hat. 

In this short walk through, you'll learn how to compare record data that doesn't quite line up.

Deed Research (4:33)

TPC Desktop has tools to streamline deed research with quick data entry from a keypad and Traverse Drawing Settings to differentiate issues.

Enter all the deeds.

Use the same POB and basis of bearing.

We use colors and line types to differentiate adjacent boundaries.

Get a good picture of what you are dealing with.

Identify potential gaps and overlaps.

Found Monuments and Project Locations (5:05)

Plot the few monuments we found.

How do they fit with the research?

Create projected positions for other property corners.

We will need to search for these.

Our goal is to do our due diligence.

TPC Desktop keeps it simple.  Control points and Side Shots.  Mix them anyway you want to collect your field data and let TPC Desktop pretty much draw the map for you.

Control Points and Side Shots (4:48)

Search for projected monuments.

Tie found monuments and boundary features.

And while we're out there

Pick up shots for the site survey.

Pick up shots for the topographic survey.

Use Traverse Drawing Settings to get a good picture of what we did in the field.





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