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It starts with your data and ends with your drawing.

That's something we like to say here at Traverse PC because everything we do is about streamlining your workflows, getting you to a finished drawing as quickly as possible.

Moving From a Control Survey to Topo and Site Surveys (4:10)

We collected topo and site shots while we did our control survey.

Separate the appropriate points into topo and site traverses.

Adding Site Features

Site Survey: Letting Traverse do the Drawing

We show you how to manually create features in the drawing, but you can also automate this process with Point Codes.

Adding the Shore Line Feature (5:22)

Selecting Points to Add to Traverses

Add all the points with the description Shore to the Shore Line traverse.

Tell TPC Desktop how to draw this feature using Traverse Drawing Settings.

Adding the Trailer Cover Feature (5:30)

Left Clicking Points into a Traverse

You can also create a traverse by left-clicking points in a drawing in any sequence you want.

Create a new feature traverse.

Add points to it by clicking point labels or point symbols in the drawing.

Fill the cover with a solid yellow.

Label the cover and it's lines.

Adding the Trees (4:15)

Inserting Matching Points Into a Traverse

We'll use the Insert Matching Points command and capture the inches (") symbol used in all the tree descriptions.

We delete any monuments that used inches from the tree traverse.

We can override individual trees and select a different symbol, size or color.

Using Point Codes

Our Quick View™ technology draws your traverses, creating 90% of any drawing for you.  Talk about Field-To-Finish, without even thinking about it.  And what's a really fast way to create those traverses?  Point Codes!

Sneak Peek at Point Codes (3:18)

Point Codes automate the process of creating feature traverses.

They can generate 80% to 90% of your site map for you.

You can assign Traverse Drawing Settings to codes.

These are then assigned to any traverses created by those codes.

A Deeper Dive Into Point Codes (36:35)

Using Point Codes in TPC Desktop can really be a time-saver in creating your drawings. See how easy it is to build a code list one job at a time to automate most of your drawing process.

What are Point Codes

Using the Points Manager to Evaluate Point Codes

Creating Point Codes

Managing Point Codes

Assigning Traverse Drawing Settings to Point Codes

Sorting Points Into Traverses

Viewing Point Code Traverses

Sorting Points Within a Traverse





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