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Walk Through Planning





Every project begins with a plan.  Sometimes, your job is just providing the plan.

TPC Desktop has some great tools to help you provide plans of all kinds, like the parking lot shown here.

Parking Lot Striping (10:08)

Parking lot striping is a great example of how TPC Desktop can help you get the work done fast.

TPC Desktop has the tools to do parking lot striping

or any other repetitive line work

Taking a Deeper Dive into Planning (1 hr 5 min)

TPC Desktop does a lot more than just boundary surveys.  In this webinar, we take a look at all the drawings required for a parking lot project.

Job Folder (2:35)

Subfolders for all contractors, city, client, etc

Site Survey (4:12)

background photos

use point codes to create features

City Requirements (6:36)

parking, lighting, access, etc.

Parking Layout (10:29)

meet all city requirements

use multi-point editing tools

show dimensions

create details

Grading & Drainage (33:10)

pervious / impervious areas

transects & grading plan

Pavement & Curbing (38:46)

generate quantities for bid

export CAD drawings for bid

BioSwales & Landscaping (42:34)

interior parking islands

bio-swales and typicals


non-CAD contractor drawings

Overhead Lighting (49:35)

export to lighting engineer

incorporate lighting design

(not recorded) Construction Phases

Phase 1: subgrade

Phase 2: pavement, curbs, striping





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