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Adding a Photo to a Point or Traverse





Beginning with TPC Desktop 2024, TPC allows the addition of photos to survey points and traverses.

Adding a Photo to a Point/Traverse

When a photo is added to a survey's point or traverse, the photo file is copied into that survey's file folder.

TPC will ask if you would like to rename it with TPC's photo file naming format, or keep the original file name. Either approach will work, but we recommend using TPC's photo file naming format. That way, when you look in your survey folder, all the photos are easily recognizable by their filename.

For example, if you have a traverse with the name "Lake" and the survey name is "Dock Survey", then the photo attached to that traverse will be named Traverse_Lake_Dock Survey.ext. If we have a point with the label "2" with the same survey name, the filename will be 2_Dock Survey.ext.

If you try to copy the photo to the survey folder and a file with the same name already exists, you can choose to overwrite the existing file or leave it.

There are multiple ways you can add a photo to a point/traverse.

In the Points Manager, Traverse Manger or Traverse  View

Locate the row of the point or traverse you want to add a photo to.

Double Click an Empty Photo Cell

You need the Photo column displayed.  To get it, add the photo format char "m" to your display sequence by formatting the view. Format the view by pressing F9 on your keyboard or in the manager/view select Tools | Format View...


Now that the photo column is showing, locate the row of the point/traverse you want to add a photo to.

Double click in the empty Photo cell for the point/traverse.

TPC will display a browse dialog where you can choose a photo to attach.

Once a photo is chosen, a photo icon will be drawn in that cell to indicate there is a photo attached.


If you double click the photo icon that just got added, the photo will open in your default photo viewer on your PC.


Use Right Click

Right click anywhere in the row.

From the context menu, choose Photos | Add / Replace Photo...



Use the Tools Menu

Select the point or traverse you want to add or replace the photo for. See Selecting Items.

Choose Tools | Photos | Add / Replace Photo....

In the Drawing View

Locate the point or traverse you want to add a photo for in the drawing view.

Right click it to display the context menu and choose Point Tools for point photos or Traverse Tools for traverse photos, then select Photos | Add / Replace Photo...

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