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TPC supports LandXML parcels.

Traverses in the Parcels and Lots traverse groups correlate with LandXML Parcels. In addition to groups, TPC also may use the traverse closure to exclude Open and Closed Point To Point traverses from parcels.


LandXML Parcels (5:57) - TPC Desktop shares parcels with LandXML


When you select LandXML Parcels for import, TPC creates a traverse for each parcel and sets the following parameters for the new traverse.

Inserts the traverse into the Parcels traverse group

Assigns the Plat Check Lots traverse drawing settings

Assigns the Deed w/curves traverse view format

 Sets the traverse closure type to Closed Loop (but let's TPC change it if the parcels configuration doesn't close)

Assigns supported LandXML attributes (state, area, owner, parcel type, tax ID, etc). These correlate directly with LandXML data values and will be included in any LandXML export of parcel traverses

Inserts the LandXML geometry into the traverse

Import Details

If you turn on the [x] Details option when you import LandXML parcels, TPC will add information about the parcels imported like in the following sample:

[ Reading parcels... ]

Lot #1

  Points: 6, Area: 41278.30

Lot #2

  Points: 7, Area: 65396.54


Traverses that are exported to LandXML, are exported as Parcels as long as their closure type is not set to Open or Closed Point To Point (must be Closed or undetermined) and they are in the Parcels or Lots traverse group.

Editing Parcel Traverses

When you import a LandXML parcel into TPC, or when you create your own traverse and add it to the Parcels or Lots traverse group, TPC considers the traverse to be a parcel. As such, when you edit the traverse properties (right-click it in the Traverses Manager and choose Traverse Properties), TPC displays the  Location and Parcel tabs. The information you enter here will be written back out to any LandXML exports that include this traverse.

Supported LandXML Parcel Geometry

TPC currently supports LandXML's Lines, Curves and Spirals. Chains and Irregular Lines are not supported.

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