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Adding Line Types





To add your own line types, create new line type definitions in the UserLines.dat file.

1.From the TPC desktop, choose Tools | Program Settings and left click the Drawing View tab.

2.Left click the Line Types button in the Customize section.

1.Add a line type to the end of the file using the syntax given at the top of the file. You may want to print out the syntax portion for your reference.

2.Close the line type file. TPC will indicate that the line type changes you made will not take effect until you exit TPC and rerun it.


See Line Type Syntax for information on the format TPC uses to define line types.

Duplicate Line Type Names

When TPC starts up, it reads the UserLines.dat file. When it does, it checks for duplicate line type names.

If a duplicate line type is found, TPC appends a number to it in order to make it unique and displays a warning, telling you it changed the name from and to.

If you get a warning about a duplicate line type, it would be a good idea to edit the line type file per the steps above and make sure TPC properly resolved the duplicate names.

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