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Editing TPC's Predefined Line Types





TPC's predefined line types are stored in the TpcLines.dat file installed with TPC in the programs folder.  The TpcLines.dat file may be overwritten by a TPC update, so you never edit it.

You make changes to the UserLines.dat file stored in the program data folder. The UserLines.dat file is never overwritten by a TPC update.

All of TPC predefined line types are included in the UserSymbols.dat file and preceded with an # symbol.

The line types in this file will look like this

#Barb Dash and BL,_48"X   -   \\ "10_48,____X - \\ - X - \\,,-11

#Border,_24 6_24 6_2 6,__ __ . __ __,BORDER,30

#Border _2,_12 3_12 3_2 3,__.__.__,BORDER2,31

#Border _X2,_48 12_48 12_2 12,____  ____  .  ____  ____,BORDERX2,32


The # Character

Line type definitions in this file that begin with the # character are un-edited line types, for which TPC will use it's default definition and category.

To edit a predefined line type, you first start be removing the # character, telling TPC redefine that line type per your changes.

Modifying a Predefined Line Type

To modify a predefined line type, make the changes you want in the UserLines.dat file.  See Editing Line Types.

Be sure to remove the # character from the beginning on any line type you modify.  If you don't remove it, TP won't read your changes.

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