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Line type categories help you find and manage point symbols more easily.

Newer versions of TPC include close to 200 pre-defined line types.  Scrolling through all of these to find the one you want can be tedious.  That's where categories come in.

Using Categories | Point Symbols and Line Types (3:06)

Turn Line Type Categories On / Off

To use line type categories, you need to turn them on. 

When categories are turned off, the line types are all listed, all the time.

When categories are turned on, only the category for the current line type is expanded.

See Displaying Categories.

Here, we've turned on categories for point symbols and selected the Fence Barb Wire line type from the Fence category.

Editing Line Type Categories

You can edit the categories TPC displays and which line types are in which category.  You can also add new line types to any category.

See Editing Categories.

Moving Line Types From One Category to Another

To move a line type to a different category, just move it's definition to the category you want it in.

You must remove any # character from the start of the line or TPC will ignore your change and will note move it.

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