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TPC can adjust a Closed Loop or Close Point-To-Point traverse using Least Squares. These two closure types satisfy the condition of having a fixed point to begin from and a fixed point to end on.

To solve a traverse using Least Squares 

Open the Closure View for the traverse you want to solve.

You can apply any traverse adjustments you want, such as balancing angles or Compass Rule. Adjusting a traverse prior to solving it using Least Squares simply supplies the Least Squares adjustment with a different set of initial coordinates to use.

Choose Adjust | Least Squares to display the Least Squares Traverse Adjustment dialog. The Step 1 - Analyze page is displayed by default. TPC automatically analyzes the traverse data for you, displaying the number of unknowns, observations and degrees of freedom in the dialog.

Choose Edit Observations and check both the initial and closing observations of the traverse. TPC reads through your closing point information to construct the closing observations. You will want to make sure these are correct.

Activate the Step 2. Solve page and choose Solve.

Activate the Step 4. Report page and choose the information you want to appear in the Closure Views Adjustment Details section.

Return to the Closure View by choosing OK and select View | Include Closure Details | Adjustment Details. You can now look at the Least Squares solution information in the [Adjustment Details] section of the Closure View.

At this point, you have not yet adjusted any coordinates in this traverse. To update the traverse based on the Least Squares solution, choose Adjust | Least Squares and activate the Step 3. Update page. Select the update options you want then choose Update.

The Closure View should now list ‘Least Squares Traverse Adjustment’ in the [Adjustments] section, indicating that the traverse was adjusted using Least Squares.

Sample File

TPC includes the file Ghilani Example 16-1 in the Sample Surveys.

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