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Beginning with TPC Desktop 2024, TPC allows the attachment of photos to survey points and traverses.

Traverse and Point Photos Overview (3:31)

Why Add Photos?


It can be advantageous to add a photo to a point so you can visualize exactly what that point looked like in the field. Some examples being: survey monuments, aerial control points, utilities and as-builts.


It can be advantageous to add a photo to a traverse so you can visualize the area associated with that traverse. Some examples being: building or other structure, lake, river, fence line.

Adding and removing Photos

TPC provides a number of ways to add a photo to a point or traverse. These photos are copied to the survey's file folder. See Adding a Photo to a Point or Traverse.  If you no longer want a photo for that point or traverse, you can also remove a photo. See Removing a Point or Traverse Photo.

Viewing (opening) a Photo

After you have added a photo to a survey point or traverse, you can view that photo any time. See Viewing/Opening an Added Photo.

Finding and Adding Photos to a Survey

Manually adding photos to points can be tedious if you have many photos. However, if your photo filenames follow a certain format, TPC can search for them in a folder and automatically add the photos to their corresponding point. For example, if you have photos with filenames 1.png, 2.jpg,, then those photos will be found and added to points 1, 2, and 4. See Finding and Adding Photos To a Survey.

TPC's Photo Filename Format

TPC uses a photo file naming format to ensure that each photo in your survey has a unique filename associated with the point or traverse it references. These unique names also allow for surveys to be moved, renamed and merged. See TPC Photo Filename Format.

TPC supports the following file formats for photos:

.png, .bmp, .gif, .tif / .tiff, .jpg / .jpeg, .ico, .emf, .wmf

Saving a Survey with Photos

TPC has tools to copy and rename photos as needed, when you save a copy of a survey, making the photos available to the new survey. See Saving a Survey with Photos.

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