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Crows feet





Crows feet relate a line label to the line being labeled.


Crows Feet: Sneak Peek (3:37) - We take a quick look at crows feet in TPC Desktop 2018 R1.


Crows Feet Deeper Dive (11:31) - We take a look at TPC's options to draw crows feet just the way you want them.

Crows feet Properties

Crows feet get their properties (line type, arrow type, etc) from the Crows Feet tab of the Drawing Settings.  and the Control Points and Side Shots tabs of the Traverse Drawing Settings.

If you enable some crows feet, then change the properties in the Crows feet tab of the Drawing Settings, the properties of the existing crows feet will be updated to match the new settings.

Traverse Crows feet

You can include crows feet for a traverse's line labels via the Traverse Drawing Settings.

Turn [x] Crows Feet On or Off in the Control Points, Side Shots and Curve/Spiral tabs of traverse drawing settings

Turning Manual Crows feet On / Off

Crows feet can be turned On or Off for any label, regardless of whether it was created by a traverse or created by manually adding a label to a drawing object.

Right-click the label and choose Modify Selected Objects, Crows Feet Off or Crows Feet On.

To turn crows feet On or Off for multiple labels, first select the labels, then turn crows feet On or Off for one of the select objects.

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