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Inserting an Interior Angle





You can draw and label interior angles in Drawing View using the Interior Angle command. Interior angles are just a special type of dimension and use the current drawing Dimension Settings for the line type and label.

Make sure you are in Survey Space mode. Interior Angles are not supported in Paper Space.

From the Drawing Settings, Dimensions tab, choose the label options you want, including font, color and text height. The Distance and Direction options do not pertain to interior angles. Also select the line and arrow types you want.

Choose Draw | Interior Angle. The cursor will change to a tick (cross) indicating that the Drawing View is looking for an insertion point.

Position the cursor over the first line and left click. The distance you click from the apex of the angle (the end point that both lines share) determines the radius of the inserted angle.

Position the cursor over the second line and left click. The second line must be clockwise from the first.

Drawing View draws and labels the interior angle.

Hint: You can select the end of another interior angle for either end of the interior angel you are drawing.

Moving the Label

The label for the interior angle is drawn horizontally at the mid point of the arc. To reposition the label drag-n-drop it to the desired location using the left mouse button.

Changing the Radius

To change the radius of the interior angle (make it larger or smaller), right click the interior angle line and choose Properties. Edit the radius and choose OK.

Modifying the Properties of All Interior Angles

Each interior angle gets its properties form the Interior Angle Settings dialog of the drawing. If you change any of the options in the Interior Angle Settings dialog, all the interior angles in the drawing update automatically to the new settings. If for instance, you change the color from black to gray, all the interior angles will now be gray.

Modifying the Properties of a Single Interior Angle

To modify any of the properties of a single interior angle, right click the interior angle line or label and choose Properties. TPC displays the Arc dialog box if you selected the line and the Text dialog if you selected the label. Make the changes you want and choose OK. TPC redraws that interior angle with the new properties.

TPC knows which properties you modify and holds those properties for the interior angle. However, the properties you do not explicitly change are still controlled by the drawings Dimension Settings.

Angles to Curves

If you insert an interior angle using a curve as either end point, TPC computes the angle to the long chord of the curve.

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