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Leaders are lines and arrows that show the relationship between two objects. Usually, these two objects are a label and the object it labels.

As a rule, a line leader points to a line, a point leader points to a point and so on.

Leader Properties

Leaders get their properties (line type, arrow type, etc) from the Leader tab of the Drawing Settings

If you draw some leaders, then change the properties in the Leader tab of the Drawing Settings, the properties of the existing leaders will be updated to match the new settings.

Once drawn, you can right click any leader and change any of its properties. The properties to change on an individual leader are locked in and do not change with the Leader Drawing Settings.

Drawn Leaders

You can add a leader to your drawing anytime by manually drawing it.

To draw a leader, choose the Draw Leader or Draw Curved Leader command. Follow the command prompts to establish the corresponding end points, angle point and arc.

With TPC, you can use the Traverse Drawing Settings to automatically add leaders to labels or you can draw leaders manually.

Automatic Leaders

Automatic leaders are ones that get drawn for you via the Traverse Drawing Settings. You can turn these leaders on for point labels and line labels both.  See Automatic Leaders.

Manual Leaders

Manual leaders are leaders you draw yourself.  These are commonly used for notes you add to a drawing, then use a leader to reference the note to the drawing object being noted. See Manual Leaders.

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