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Editing Drawing Objects





Each drawing is made up of drawing objects. Even the traverses that Drawing View draws are made of individual drawing objects.

Drawing objects can be edited, hidden, moved, deleted, and reset. Different drawing objects have different properties. To edit any object, just select it and right click. Here's how:

Hitting Objects

In order to move or edit an object, you need to identify the object you want. Drawing View does this automatically when you move the cursor over an object.

TPC gives you several options for identifying the object the cursor is over. To select the option you want, choose View | Format View in Drawing View and left click the Mouse tab.

We recommend combining the Tooltip and Accent options.

A tick mark (+) indicates the cursor is over the survey. You can now drag the survey to a new location on the page.

Selecting Objects

Many operations, like move and delete, can operate on a group of selected objects as well as individual objects. See Selecting Objects.

Moving Objects

You can move any object anywhere on the page by dragging it with the mouse. See Moving Objects.

Editing Objects

You can edit any object by right clicking it and choosing Properties. See Editing Objects.

Erasing Objects

You can erase any object that is not drawn by a traverse. See Erasing Objects.

Survey Objects

TPC does not allow you to modify survey lines with commands like break, trim, or extend. You must modify the line in the traverse that created it.

Hiding Objects

Objects can be hidden so that they don't show up on the drawing. See Hiding Objects.

Copying Objects

You can copy a single object or multiple objects within a drawing. Copies are inserted next to the original object(s) and can be moved and modified without affecting the originals. See Copying Objects.

Labeling Objects

You can label line and arcs using the same labels TPC uses for traverses. See Labeling Objects.

Dimensioning Objects

You can add a dimension line and label to drawing objects like arcs and lines. See Inserting Dimensions.

Interior Angles

You can draw and label the interior angle created by two lines sharing the same end point (vertex). See Inserting Interior Angles.

Aligning Objects

You can align a group of selected objects left, right, top or bottom. See Aligning Objects.

Spacing Objects

You can evenly space the individual objects within a group of selected objects so that there is an equal amount of space between each object See Spacing Objects.

Trimming Objects

Some objects can be trimmed (truncated) to another object. See Trimming Objects.

Extending Objects

Some objects can be extended to another object. See Extending Objects.

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