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Editing Point Symbols





Where appropriate, Drawing View dialogs include a list of available point symbols. Editing the point symbols affects which symbols get displayed and how they are displayed in these lists.

Why Edit Point Symbols?

In TPC, you can add / remove / hide / edit point symbols.

You might want to:

Capitalize the symbol names so they appear capitalized in your legends

Change the default symbol names (i.e. Change ‘Rebar’ to ‘SET 5/8” X 30” REBAR’)

Add your own point symbols to the list

Hide a symbol you never use so it doesn't even show up in the pull down symbol list

The UserSymbols.dat File

TPC lets you edit symbols by editing their definitions in the UserSymbols.dat file in your default word processor.

The changes you make to the UserSymbols.dat file affect the symbols that are listed in the Drawing View dialogs and the symbol names that are used when a symbol is added to the legend.


Customize Point Symbols and Legend Items (4:11) - Change the symbol names to whatever you want. That text is now used for the legend items. Wow!


TPC’s symbols are defined in the TpcSymbols.dat file located in the program folder. As a rule, you will not edit this file since program updates are free to overwrite this file as needed.

Edit Symbols Command

TPC provides direct access to the UserSymbols.dat file. 

See Editing Point Symbols command.

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