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Quick View™ Technology





Quick View™ Technology draws the survey for you using Control Point, Side Shot and Lot Label settings.

Each drawing has its own settings and each traverse has its own settings that can be used to mix and match the way the survey is drawn.

You'll like the things Quick View™ Technology does for you, freeing you from tedious drawing and making life a little bit easier.

Learning Quick View™.

Drawing Traverses

To include a traverse in a drawing, you tag it in the Traverses Manager. Each traverse can also create a temporary drawing, showing just the data in that traverse. From the Traverse View, you can toggle between the current drawing the the temporary drawing for the traverse. See Drawing Traverses.

Drawing Surfaces

You include surfaces in a drawing just like you include traverses - you tag them in the Surfaces Manager.  See Drawing Surfaces.

Drawing Survey Objects

Traverses and Surfaces create special drawing objects that are associated with survey data. These are called Survey Objects and are created automatically using Quick View™ Technology.

Most of your drawing will be Survey Objects. As you learn to use TPC, you will find yourself doing less and and less manual drafting. Instead, you'll let the traverses do the drafting work for you.  See Working with Drawing Objects.

Drawing Objects Manually

When you need to, you can add additional drawing objects like text, lines, title block, scale bar, etc to any drawing. These remain with the drawing and can be placed on the drawing in paper space so that they don't change even if the survey does.  See Drawing Objects Manually.

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