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Traverse Drawing Settings vs Object Settings





TPC uses the tagged traverses to draw the survey, but how it draws the lines, point symbols and labels of these traverses will depend on the Drawing, Traverse and Object Settings. As you learn to use TPC, you will 'mix-n-match' these settings to generate just the drawing you want. Using these settings is a significant departure from other CAD programs that provide only the BYLAYER option for entity properties.

Traverse Drawing Settings

Each traverse in the drawing can be drawn with its own Control Point, Side Shot and Lot Label settings. These are called the Traverse Drawing Settings.

The advantage of using Traverse Drawing Settings is that you can affect all the points, labels and lines in a traverse at once (in most CAD programs you have to edit each object and change its properties which can take a long time). Select a color and the color of every object drawn by that traverse is changed. Change the line type and every line drawn by that traverse is changed.

Over-Riding the Traverse Drawing Settings

TPC lets you over-ride the Traverse Drawing Settings and control the way  Control Points, Side Shots and Lot Labels are created for the whole drawing. You might do this while you are evaluating the survey data. If the side shot point symbols and labels are overlapping too much, just make them smaller. If you want to use a different color, line type or point symbol to delineate your control points, just edit the Control Point settings and choose OK. Turn on lot labels, or trim symbols or enter a scale not listed on the format tool bar.

Choose Tools | Drawing Settings and left click the Miscellaneous tab.

Turn on Over-ride Traverse Drawing Settings then choose Edit Settings and select the settings you want.

As you edit the Traverse Drawing Settings in the drawing, you will actually be editing the Over-ride settings. The dialogs will all display Traverse Drawing Settings (Over-ride) at the top.

When you are finished over-riding traverse drawing settings, turn the Over-ride Traverse Drawing Settings off and TPC will once again use the Traverse Settings to create the drawing.

Object Settings (Properties)

In addition to Traverse Drawing Settings you can also change Object Properties. Object Properties are different for each object. A line type object lets you edit line type and thickness while a text object lets you edit the font, font weight and text height.

Right click any object and choose Properties to display that objects dialog.

When you edit Object properties, the changes you make take precedence over the Traverse Drawing Settings but the Traverse Settings still control the settings you haven't modified. Let's say you modified just the line thickness of a survey line. TPC is still free to update the color of the line to match the Traverse Drawing Settings because you didn't modify the object's color. So any object setting you don't modify is still controlled by the Traverse Drawing Settings.

Resetting Modified Properties

If you have modified an object's settings, you can reset them back to the original Traverse Settings by right clicking the object and choosing Modify Objects | Reset Modified Attributes. If you have over-ridden the traverse drawing settings in a drawing, the object settings revert back to the over-riden traverse settings.

Resetting All Modified Objects in a Traverse

Right click any drawing object that references a traverse and choose Traverse Tools | Reset Modified Attributes. TPC will reset the modified properties of all objects referenced by this traverse.

Survey Point Properties

To set the point symbol, size and rotation used for a point across all drawings in the survey, you can override point symbols.

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