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Using the Drawing View





The Drawing View gives TPC some powerful graphics features. You can preview your entire survey or selected traverses. You can easily change the way TPC draws the survey in order to evaluate your survey data and make decisions. When you're ready, you can enhance the drawing with stock objects like a title block, scale bar, grid and legend. You can also print the view, plot it, or write a DXF file.

Opening Drawing View

TPC creates only one instance of the Drawing View. When you open an existing drawing, a Drawing View is opened automatically. If you start a new survey, you will need to open the Drawing View yourself.

To open the Drawing View, choose Window | Drawing View from the TPC Desktop menu.

Turning Toolbars On and Off

The Drawing View uses a number of tool bars to provide quick access to zooming, drawing, selecting and other common tasks. You can include the tool bars for the tasks you do most often and turn off the tool bars you don't need.

To turn on/off a tool bar, choose View | Customize View and left click the Toolbars tab.

Left click a toolbar to turn it on/off. Toolbars that are currently turned on will have a check mark next to the toolbar name.

Editing the Toolbars

You can also edit the Drawing View toolbars, removing buttons or rearranging them.

To edit a tool bar, right click any button on the tool bar or choose View | Customize View to display the Customize dialog.

Drag-n-drop any command from the Commands tab to any toolbar currently displayed in the view.

Close the dialog.

To turn individual toolbar buttons on or off

Left click the small down arrow at the right end of the toolbar and choose Add or Remove Buttons. TPC displays the available toolbars for the view.

Select a toolbar and TPC will list each button in the toolbar. Check the buttons you want to include and uncheck the buttons you don't want. You can also choose the Reset Toolbar command at the bottom of the list and TPC will restore the toolbar to its original condition.

** Note: You can only add up to four additional toolbar buttons to any toolbar in the Drawing View. If you add more than four buttons to a toolbar, then the toolbar will reset and you'll be noticed in the Message View.

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