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When TPC creates information from a View, a dialog or a command, this information is called a summary or a report.

This information can be appended to the Report View or Message View, depending on which edition of TPC you have. In the Report or Message view, you can edit the text of the report, cut/copy/past to and from other applications, and preview or print the report.

Sample Reports

The following reports are available in some or all editions of TPC Desktop.

Survey Report - reports survey information like the creation date and number of points.

Traverse Report - generates a user-defined report for each selected traverse.

Traverse Direct-Reverse Report - report angle sets in a ground traverse.

Legal Description Report - creates a phrase driven legal description from any traverse.

Stakeout Report - generates a cut sheet for selected stakeout points.

Station Offset Report - generates a station/offset report for the current traverse.

Import Details Report - generates information for each line of data imported.

Message View

The Report View is available in most Editions of TPC. If it is not available in an edition, the Message View, which does not allow multiple files or reports but can accomplish many of the same things as the Report View.  If your edition of TPC does not include a Report View, the summary is written to the Message View.

If your edition includes both a Message View and a Report View, you may sometimes which to append information from the Message View to the current survey report.  See Appending From the Message View.

Report Commands

The Stakeout Report, Station Offset Report and Legal Description report, along with others, have their own commands that either generate the report in its own view or append it to the survey's current report in the Report View.  See Creating Reports.

Formatting the Report

You can change the page size, margins, orientation, font, font size and color of a report before printing it. You can also cut/copy/paste text between a report and other Windows programs. Starting in TPC V8.5 you can also select the word wrap option that suits you best. Just choose View, Word Wrap to display the dialog.  See Formatting a Report.

Printing Reports

You can print reports to any Windows printer or write a PDF file.  See Printing Reports.

Managing Reports

Only one report, called the current report, can be open at a time. Other reports can be created or opened via the Report View | Tools menu.  See Managing Reports.

Using Report Data in a Drawing

You can copy data from any report and paste it into any text object in a drawing. This is a great way to put a legal description or offset data into the drawing.  See Using Reports in Drawings.

Spell Checking Reports

To check the spelling of your report, especially if you have added your own text or edited the existing text, choose Tools | Check Spelling.

To check the spelling of just a portion of the report, first select the text you want to spell check, then select Tools | Check Spelling.

See Spell Checking.

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