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Exporting Traverse Shapes





You can export traverses as shapes both from the Traverses Manager and from a drawing.

Exporting Traverses

From the Traverses Manager, select the traverses you want to export and then choose File | Export. You will see the Export dialog.

Select ESRI Shape from the Type list.

Tell TPC to export All or Selected traverses.

Enter a file name for the export file or choose Browse.

Choose Settings, select the Export options you want and choose OK.

From the Export dialog, choose Export.

TPC writes one Polyline shape record to the Shape file for each selected traverse. The database file contains one record for each traverse in which the name of the traverse is stored.

Exporting Drawing Polylines

When you export a drawing as Polylines, TPC writes each tagged traverse (these are the traverses that show up in the drawing) as a Polyline shape, plus any other drawing objects that qualify as a Polyline shape. This differs from exporting just the traverses from the Traverses Manager.

See Exporting Drawings as Shape Files.

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