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Sharing Data





In this topics, you'll learn about sharing data. 

In particular, it focuses on the distinction between sharing survey data like points, parcels and alignments and sharing drawing data.

Learning Sharing Data

Sharing Survey Data

You share survey data via the TPC Desktop™ File menu, Import... and Export... commands.  These commands are available only in the TPC Desktop™, not in any individual views.

TPC can share data with your favorite data collector, GNSS receiver, ASCII, CSV and even special formats like GMM Township Records.

Sharing Drawings

You share drawing data via the Drawing View's Tools menu, Save Drawing As... and Import Data Into Drawing... commands.  These commands are available only in the Drawing View and operate on the current drawing being displayed in that view.

With TPC, you can deliver your drawings in pretty much any format requested - PDF, PNG, DWG, DXF, DGN and others.

Using CAD

TPC interfaces with CAD through both the CAD View and Drawing View.  See Using CAD.

Calibrating Shared Data

In TPC, you calibrate the coordinates you import to match your survey's Coordinate Reference System and you reverse-calibrate the coordinates you export to match the coordinate type required by your deliverables.  See Calibrating on Import and Export.

Grid to Ground

In TPC you convert grid to ground with calibrations or more simple grid to ground conversion tools.


Grid <=> Ground (5:01) - TPC Desktop 2016 lets you easily convert between grid and ground coordinates.

Sharing PDFs

You can create a PDF from pretty much any think you can print in TPC.  This includes reports, drawings and views.

TPC includes it's own PDF printer driver called Traverse PC PDF, but you can use pretty much any PDF printer driver you have.

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