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Smart Drawing Objects help you produce drawings quickly and maintain them effortlessly.  TPC Desktop includes dozens of Smart Drawing Objects.

What are Smart Drawing Objects?

Smart Drawing Objects know how to draw themselves, so you don't have to.

You could manually draw everything that a Smart Drawing Objects draws itself.  In some cases, you may be able to do a better job than a Smart Drawing Objects™ did.  But it will have taken you more time.

That's the whole idea behind Smart Drawing Objects.  You spend less time time drawing because the Smart Drawing Objects draws itself.

Editing Smart Drawing Objects

As a rule, Smart Drawing Objects can be edited after they are created.  You can easily change their properties like color, font type, font size.  And in many cases, you can modify the information they present or add your own information too them.

Here are a few examples

Smart Legends

By default, the legend adds symbols automatically as they are used in the drawing. In the drawing shown here, we changed the SW lot corner to the Monument In Case symbol, so Quick View added it to the legend. Plus the legend is anchored to the nearest corner of the drawing so as items are added it grows away from that corner automatically – you don’t even have to reposition it. See Legends.

Smart Pictures

Once you have referenced the survey to a picture you can rescale the drawing or drag-n-drop the survey anywhere on the page, and the picture and survey retain the proper reference to each other. That’s because they are smart. See Pictures.

One of the neat things about Survey Space is that ALL Survey Space objects are based on the same coordinate grid and the same scale – even pictures.

Smart Line, Curve and Lot Labels

TPC uses the Traverse Drawing Settings to label lines, curves and lots. If the survey data changes, these labels update automatically. This saves you all the busy work of keeping your drawings current. Which is tough enough for a single drawing let along a survey with 50 drawings.  And TPC makes formatting labels easy and powerful.

Smart Tables

When you include tables in a drawing and TPC takes care of all the busy work of building the tables, updating the drawing text and numbering the table entries.

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