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Creating a Cut Sheet from a Surface





TPC can create a cut sheet, showing the cut or fill of the points in a traverse to a surface.

Traverse Cut Sheet

A cut sheet lists the cut or fill of each point in a traverse in relation to a surface. Each point in the traverse is analyzed to see if it lies within one of the triangles generated by the surfaces’s TIN. If so, TPC computes the cut or fill required to bring that point either up or down to match the surface.

Right click any contour line, label or TIN line generated by the surface and choose Surface Tools | Create Cut Sheet.

Following the command prompt on the status line, position the cursor over the traverse that includes the points you are interested in and left click.

TPC adds a Cut Sheet section to the current report (if the Report View is not currently open, TPC opens it so you can see the Cut Sheet report).

Sample Cut Sheet Report

A cut sheet looks something like this:

[[ Cut Sheet Report ]]

Traverse: Route #1


N:248.795 E:615.722 Z:2.00 Surface Elevation:4.07 Fill:2.07


N:292.414 E:646.591 Z:3.00 Surface Elevation:8.35 Fill:5.35


N:236.716 E:690.209 Z:4.00 Surface Elevation:8.61 Fill:4.61


N:172.966 E:700.946 Z:5.00 Surface Elevation:7.59 Fill:2.59


N:164.242 E:794.894 Z:5.00 Surface Elevation:6.80 Fill:1.80


N:250.809 E:791.539 Z:4.00 Surface Elevation:9.35 Fill:5.35


N:339.388 E:858.645 Z:3.00 Surface Elevation:7.21 Fill:4.21

This information is appended to the current Report, and shows the cut or fill at each point that is required to bring the elevation of that point to the surface at that point. It’s actually easier to read the report than it is to explain it.

No new points are created by the Cut Sheet report. TPC just computes the surface elevation of each point as needed for the report. These are not stored anywhere in the survey. To store the computed surface elevations, you would need to create a transect (see Creating Transects From Contours).

You’ll find more information about Cut Sheets in the Surface Cut Sheet.

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