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Editing Topo Points





Surfaces are derived from topo points. You can designate topo points a number of different ways. Once a surface is drawn, you can even turn the topo designation for individual points On or Off to fix blunders in your surface.

Edit the Points in a Traverse

If the topo points you want to include in a surface all reside in a traverse, you can designate all the points in that traverse as topo points. This is oftentimes true of stock pile and lot topo surveys where all the field data for the topo was collected in one day and downloaded into a single traverse.

Left click the topo traverse in the Traverses Manager to select it, then choose Edit | Topo On.

Or right click the topo traverse in the Traverses Manager and choose Topo On from the pop-up menu.

Editing Individual Points from the Points Manager

To designate some points as topo points and other as non-topo or non-elevation points, you will want to use the Points Manager.

In the Points Manager, select the points you want to be topo points, then choose Edit | Topo On. TPC places the letter ‘O’ in the Status column, indicating that the Topo status is ON.

If the Points Manager displays an ‘O’ in the status column of any points you do not want to include as topo points, select them and choose Edit | Topo Off. TPC will remove the ‘O’ from the Status column, indicating that these points are no longer topo points.

Editing Topo Points in Drawing View

Right click any point symbol or point label in Drawing View and choose Topo On or Topo Off. Notice that only one of these options is displayed at a time, depending on the Topo status of the selected point.

If you have already created a surface, you might want to turn off the Manual Recompute toggle in the Advanced dialog while you edit the topo points. Now the surface is free to redraw itself as you edit the points – this is a great way to edit the surface until it is right.

Delineating Topo Points

To make selecting topo points easier in Drawing View, you can delineate the topo points.

Right click any blank spot on the Drawing View and choose Delineate Objects | Delineate Topo Points. TPC will shade any topo points with a yellow background. If you right click a topo point and choose Topo Off, TPC will redraw it without the shaded background, indicating that it is no longer a topo point.

Automatic Topo of a Traverse

When you create a new surface from an existing traverse, TPC checks the traverse to see if it contains any Topo points. If not, TPC makes each point in the traverse a Topo point. This helps automate the surface modeling process for imported data from data collectors.

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