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Editing a Surface





You can change the way TPC draws a surface, which points it includes, its border, its breaklines and a lot more.

Accessing Surfaces

Right click any contour line or label, TIN line or label and choose Surface Tools and select the command you want.

Right click any contour line or label, TIN line or label and choose Surface Settings.

Double click any contour line or label, TIN line or label. This only works if the proper o.

Select the surface you want and choose Edit the Selected Surface.

Using this method allows you to edit any surface in the survey, even if it is not included in the current drawing.

Editing the Border

To change the shape or outline of a surface, you need to edit its border.

Right click any contour line, TIN line or label and choose Contour Tools | Edit Border. If the surface does not have a border, this command will not appear in the Surface Tools menu.

Follow the command prompts on the status bar to select points in our out of the border traverse.

If a surface does not already have a border, you will need to add one from the Surface dialog.

Editing Topo Points

You can edit topo points, turning them on or off and changing the way the contour is computed and drawn.

Editing Breaklines

You can use the Edit Breakline command to manually edit breaklines or import breaklines f from traverses.

Editing Exclusions

Exclusions are areas of the surface where you don't want TPC to draw contours.

Including Breaklines

You can turn breaklines on or off. When you turn them off, the contour retains your breaklines but does not use them to generate the TIN. See Using Breaklines - Including Breaklines.

Restricting Elevations

You can limit the topo points that are included in a surface by elevation. If you have some 'whacky' elevation points in your survey, this is a great way to exclude them from the surface. See Surface dialog.

Surface Layers

Surfaces are not assigned to layers directly, but you can choose individual layers for major contours, minor contours, tin and breakline lines and labels, volume shading and slope shading. Each surface can have unique layers within a drawing or you can combine surface objects onto the same layers - even from different surfaces.

Before you edit a surface's layers, think about whether or not you even care about its layers. Considering that you can turn a surface on or off in a drawing you may not need to use layers at all.

If the survey requires you to send someone surface information on specific layers then you will need to edit the layers used by the surface. See Surface Layers.

Surface Settings

Right click any contour line or label and choose Surface Settings. Now left click any of the following tabs to modify their settings.

Contours tab to modify contour lines, intervals, colors, labels, etc.

TIN tab to modify tin lines, labels and breaklines.

Volume tab to modify any cut/fill shading based on the most recent volume computations for the surface.

Slope tab to modify the shading associated with different slopes in the surface.

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