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The drawing objects created by a surface are assigned to layers. To change the layers the objects are created on you need to change the layers in the surface.

Each surface creates separate layers for major contours, minor contours, tin and breakline lines and labels, volume shading and slope shading. Each surface can have unique layers within a drawing or you can combine surface objects onto the same layers - even from different surfaces.

Before you edit a surface's layers, think about whether or not you even care about its layers. Considering that you can turn a surface on or off in a drawing you may not need to use layers at all.

If the survey requires you to send someone surface information on specific layers then you will need to edit the layers used by the surface. See Surface Layers.

Default Layers

All surfaces default to the following layers

TPCContourMajor - major contour lines and labels

TPCContourMinor - minor contour lines and labels

TPCContourTin - TIN and Breakline lines and labels

TPCContourVolume - volume shading

TPCContourSlope - slope shading

Think of these as a group of layers assigned to this surface. If you are working with a single surface in a survey, there will not likely be any need to change these default layers.

Overriding Layers

You can override the default layer names if you want. TPC provides a convenient way to do this in the Advanced dialog. You can use the surface name or enter your own prefix and TPC will generate the layer names for you.

So if you enter the prefix 'Ground', TPC will create the following layers for the surface GroundMajor, GroundMinor, GroundTin, GroundVolume, GroundSlope and place the appropriate objects on each layer.

Changing Layers Individually

You can also select existing layers to place the surface's drawing objects on. Look for the Layer pulldown list and select the layer from it.

Contours tab to modify the Major and Minor contour layers.

TIN tab to modify the TIN layer.

The volume and slope shading layers can only be modified via the Layer options in the Advanced dialog.

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